Thursday, April 29, 2010

Overview of Romantix Meeting 28 April 2010

Lovingly thought out and written by Sami-Lee

Tonight we discussed The Fugitive in relation to Goal Motivation and Conflict. Specific points discussed included;

• the rather inexplicable hotness of one Tommy Lee Jones (circa 1991. Letitia forwarded a motion that he was now too old to be considered hot. Motion was seconded by Kiss and Sami-Lee),
• the writer of the script/story who as it turns out wasn't Tom Clancy but some totally unknown guy named Dave. All agreed that Dave did a good job.
• the universal appeal of a really big train/bus crash, and how since the advent of CGI special effects they don't make 'em like they used to
• the distinction between goal and motivation which from my POV remains murky. I'm hoping this will become clearer for me after our next GMC project.

Zoe's hair looks very sophisticated and stylish, all the best for your trip Zoe.

Kiss put forth a motion that the Romantix start a group blog. She will make one and send us the link. In the mean time Letitia has promised to find acquaint herself with the blogs of her semi-famous writer friends, Kiss and Sami. A comment would be nice sometime during the month L. Go on, have a go.

Our next GMC conflict assignment is to watch 'Ladyhawke' (many thanks to Letitia), and to make a GMC chart for the three main characters (although I propose even one will be enough if people are tired, say because they're buying a house and very very busy). Next meeting is at Kiss Carson's house on May 26th.

Meeting closed at 8:55pm

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