Friday, May 28, 2010

Overview of Romantix Meeting 26 May 2010

Unfortunately, not all of our members were able to attend this month’s meeting. Sami sent her apologises as she was unable to come due to “a sore throat, runny nose, headache and case of the general grumps.” Can’t say I can even imagine Sami with a case of the grumps, but thank you for not sharing your germs. Shame you missed out on the yummy chocolate cookies that Kiss’s younger daughter made us, I ate yours, it’s all good; it didn’t go to waste.

A big welcome Melita, our newest Romantix member. After attending the meeting and seeing us in action, she is still keen to come back again next month and do it all again. It was great to meet you, though a couple of us are a bit wary of a writer who doesn’t drink coffee or tea. Hmmm, hot chocolate? Yeah, that’s close enough I guess.

Our homework for this week was to watch Ladyhawke and fill out the Internal and External Goal, Motivation, Conflict chart for the three main characters, Navarr (Rutger Hauer), Isabeau (Michelle Peeiffer) and Phillippe (Matthew Broderick).

We all struggled with this task. Why? (Please post a comment if I misunderstood our discussion or I’m too critical); but I think, that by being in alternate animal forms, Navarr and Isabeau weren’t able to fully show us themselves and “connect” as a couple - hard to show your GMC when you spend most of the movie as a hawk. (Oh, and none of us liked a blond hero with a bowl haircut.) Was it script? Was it casting? All these options and more were discussed and no real conclusions made. The movie’s saving grace was Phillipe, who provided comic relief and narration, telling the audience the things that Navarr and Isabeau weren’t showing us. Interesting that out of the three characters, his goals, motivations and conflicts were easier to identify.

Sometimes analysing a movie you love can make you develop a greater appreciation for its craft, as with last month and The Fugitive, or unfortunately, it can point out all the short comings you were blind to as a teenager who had a crush on Matthew Broderick. But, despite the plastic swords bending in fights and the overbearing 80’s style background music, we still all agreed that Ladyhawke is a good movie in the context of its target audience and that Rutger Hauer plays a much better tortured knight, than psychotic hitchhiker.

Melita suggested we watch an episode of Charmed, where a similar storyline was done in an hour and the cursed couple were able to show a connection despite their hawk/wolf animal forms. It would be interesting to see if their goal/motivation/conflicts are clear.

Next month’s GMC analysis will be on the movie The Client.

Blog Training Session: A big thank you to Kiss Carson for providing training and excellent supporting notes. Now none of us has an excuse not to contribute. NOTE: For future reference HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, just so you get it right next time Kiss ;)

Thank you to Zoe for her information regarding the Penguin/Varuna Development Scholarship 2010. Nominations close on the 31st May. I’m not sure who is entering, other than Zoe. So good luck Zoe!

Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, 23rd June, 7pm at Zoe’s Place.


  1. Oh God the music was awful! Ruined the mood entirely for me. Agree with your other comments about the movie, sorry I missed the in depth analysis. FYI, I'm quite grumpy when the situation calls for it :)

  2. Well done Letitia. You brought it all back for me. Yes, Phillipe was funny the way he talked to the "Lord" all the time promising the world then promptly breaking every oath within minutes. Does that mean that the goal he said he had was only a wish, but his actions reveal his real goal? Hmm - Maybe not considering what my wishes and goals are like... Say no more about losing weight (hangs head in shame)... Bye