Monday, May 3, 2010

This is Us

Okay so I volunteered to be the first to blog on our official Romantix blog, without fully realising that the 3rd of May would arrive so quickly. As per usual I have nothing prepared, which is a very familiar sensation for me. I’m not very good at plotting or preparing for writing books, either.

I guess I should start by introducing The Romantix.

The Romantix is a writer’s group I inserted myself into a little over a year ago. I think I was only invited for one session but they haven’t had the heart to kick me out yet so here I am. We’re based in SE Queensland and we meet once a month to discuss what we’ve accomplished in the writing stakes, where we intend to take our writing and a host of other issues, like editing, grammar, plot problems etc. Sometimes we’re very conscientious about this… sometimes less so. Sometimes the meeting becomes little more than a gossip/steam blowing off session but that’s okay. Writing is a fairly nebulous process, so why not let the writer’s meetings go with the flow? That’s my attitude anyway.

So what do we intend to do with this blog? We’ll post summaries of our meetings and sordid details of our personal lives (okay, not that). You might find movie and book reviews, opinion pieces, detailed discussions on the writing process and how it works for us, or maybe we’ll just post LOL cats. You never know.

Over the next few weeks you’ll meet our members, Kiss, Letitia, Zoe and myself, and watch us struggle on our individual paths to writing success—whatever that means. I hope you join us.

This is me:

I’ve been writing since I was in high school, which was a while ago (let’s not talk about precisely how long ago it was). Currently, I write romance fiction for Samhain Publishing. I’ve written a straight sexy contemporary and three erotic romance title in the past three years. This is certainly not considered prolific, but I’m fairly thrilled if I get any writing done at all. I have an outside job, two daughters (Princess almost 5 and Cherub nearly 2), a husband (and let’s face it, they count as work too), am currently moving house and have the usual raft of other errand girl responsibilities. I maintain a website and another blog, which you can link to from my avatar if you want to find out more. For now, that’s enough about me.
See you soon,

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  1. Alfred Hill is a GOOD australian romantic composer.

    My spine was thwistled, did blood teem.
    I think we had some subtle kind of meeting.
    Or was it nothing but an eerie dream
    of being, everyday, which means: just fleeting.

    Purposefully romantic interlude?
    All of a sudden I saw Katie hover!
    losing herself in virtuous Altitude
    to nothing; what as real was here to cover?

    Said Katie then: "I lost you out of sight.
    Cool down, get numb to me! Be not too busy,
    at hand, my soul is back again in light
    where is it? lost then? I'm your sissy

    and nothing else. In Love, what mindful point,
    what flight? I'd rather have another joint."

    My English Poetry

    - Peter Ingstad, Sweden