Wednesday, July 21, 2010


With my desire to write at an all time low, I decided to take this opportunity to talk about inspiration. What inspires a person to say "hmmm, I might write a book". That phrase within itself is enough to send a person mad. I complained that one of my manuscripts would only be 75 000 words. My neighbour told me she struggles to write out her shopping list once a week.

There are gifted story tellers. Then, there are gifted word users (which I obviously am not! word users, sheesh!). Sometimes, the gifted story tellers can't write, and visa versa, the gifted writers don't have any stories to tell.

Here, I think is where inspiration comes into play. A writer must be focused. Determined. And inspired. Passion plays a big part when writing a book. Not passion between the characters, but a writer's passion to tell a story.

Passion makes me sit at the computer for 4-5 hours every night and get to know half a dozen people I could never be lucky enough to meet. Passion for the story carries me through months of work. Well, money certainly doesn't inspire me to sit and slave away at the keyboard. Don't let anyone tell you there's money in writing. Believe me. There's not.

However, there is an abundance of passion, a decadent amount of pride, and enormous amounts of dogged determination to make those darned characters behave themselves.

Then, there is happiness.

There is no greater happiness in my mind (as a writer) to know that somewhere in the world, people have enjoyed my books enough to tell their friends. My passion has turned into their passion.

Now, I am inspired.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Romantix meeting June 2010

How embarrassed am I. It's already 13 July. Where has the time gone? None of my excuses are acceptable so none offered but I have to say I'm sorry.

This meeting was held at my house. We discussed the Goal, Motivation and Conflicts in "The Client" which I was mistakenly believed I had on DVD. We had it only on VCR. Of course I am the only old fashioned one who could play it. Our hunt for the DVD was to no avail but we had all seen it and I watched it twice since the last meeting so we discussed it anyway.

There were some interesting characters with very definite goals, motivations and conflicts in this story. Young Mark Sway is interesting. He acts cool but he is scared inside - of course we might not admit it but we have all been there. For Mark there is a lot at stake. It is 'his fault' that his younger brother witnessed a suicide despite his best efforts to foil the stranger's plan.

Mark really is a good boy who tries to be a man and take care of his mother and brother, a worthy hero who tries his best to protect the family. But, when Tommy Lee Jones' character finds him he is caught. He's damned if he tells what he knows and damned if he doesn't. It takes ingenuity to manufacture a win:win situation from a lose:lose one. Great plotting.

Of course he has Reggie Love to help him even when he says he doesn't want it and doesn't trust her. Her character too has a checkered past of which she's ashamed. But she succeeds in proving herself though she gets none of the credit. Together they extricate him, make sure the baddie (very young Anthony La Paglia mmmm) is caught and while they are at it, they make his mum's dreams come true.

I read somewhere recently about someone who said they write because they can right (write) the wrongs. I can relate to that. Finding the characteristics you need in your hero to make the ending a happy one, is so much easier in fiction than in real life.

Back to the meeting... we discussed (read dreamed out loud) the e-book readers currently on the Australian market. Sami had a sad story about her aborted purchase from the UK and I had my latest purchase (which couldn't handle pdf files well and so has since gone back to where it came from).

We discussed our current writing made our monthly pledge to write every possible day.
We wished Letitia luck with for her next week. Then it was time for the ladies to rug up and braved the cold.

Another meeting of the Romantix over. It doesn't sound much reading this but though two hours flies by, I always get a lot out of it. It's always good to know you're not the only one struggling to make that dream of being a published writer come true. Of course it's already true for Kathleen and Sami so for all of us it's onward and upward. May the muse be kind. Zoe Y