Wednesday, July 21, 2010


With my desire to write at an all time low, I decided to take this opportunity to talk about inspiration. What inspires a person to say "hmmm, I might write a book". That phrase within itself is enough to send a person mad. I complained that one of my manuscripts would only be 75 000 words. My neighbour told me she struggles to write out her shopping list once a week.

There are gifted story tellers. Then, there are gifted word users (which I obviously am not! word users, sheesh!). Sometimes, the gifted story tellers can't write, and visa versa, the gifted writers don't have any stories to tell.

Here, I think is where inspiration comes into play. A writer must be focused. Determined. And inspired. Passion plays a big part when writing a book. Not passion between the characters, but a writer's passion to tell a story.

Passion makes me sit at the computer for 4-5 hours every night and get to know half a dozen people I could never be lucky enough to meet. Passion for the story carries me through months of work. Well, money certainly doesn't inspire me to sit and slave away at the keyboard. Don't let anyone tell you there's money in writing. Believe me. There's not.

However, there is an abundance of passion, a decadent amount of pride, and enormous amounts of dogged determination to make those darned characters behave themselves.

Then, there is happiness.

There is no greater happiness in my mind (as a writer) to know that somewhere in the world, people have enjoyed my books enough to tell their friends. My passion has turned into their passion.

Now, I am inspired.


  1. Great post K. Have struggled with the passion myself as you know.

    Here's to the continuing struggle - Sami