Thursday, August 19, 2010

Better Late than Never - (Reflective Minutes from Meeting of 21st July)

Well I guess I could give you all kinds of excuses for not posting the minutes earlier, but I think the bottom line is, life got in the way. I kept meaning to, then I realised it was a month later. So, here I am, slinking online with shame and guilt to right the wrong. I figure I’ll feel better for doing them late, rather than if I never do them at all. All I can say is; I’m sorry ladies.

Ok, to business, (lucky I took some notes)

Firstly, Melita and Kiss sent their apologies for not attending; the dreaded winter flu got the better of them both. Zoe, Sami and I wished them well in their recovery (obviously because it’s four weeks later I can comment that they did get better).

We discussed the different eReaders that are making their way onto the Australian market, which is still very limited compared to the rest of the world. Sami just purchased the Sony Touch Edition (not available at retailers in Oz), so we got to look and play with it. Very niiiiice... (four weeks later both Zoe and I have one).

Discussions were held regarding the future of publishing and eBooks etc, etc. We aren’t happy with Amazon and their blatant attempt to monopolise this new and growing market. Putting pressure on small publishers and why, in most cases, do they charge more for an eBook than they do for mass market paperback? Much political debate and speculation was had with regards to the publishing industry’s future and the change eBooks represents for it. Well, until it all settles, I’ll just hope we haven’t all bought a beta video player instead of the VHS version.

RWA Conference was coming up (yeah, it’s been and gone now, so pretend I’m talk in July) Theme for the cocktail party is “Fantasy Island” - come as your favourite fantasy. At the meeting I was told not to minute what we decided to wear, so I won’t, though as it’s been and gone perhaps someone else could discuss that outcome? (I have photos btw)

Zoe and Sami were both set to pitch at the conference; I believe both an editor and an agent was available. Wishing them luck (which we now know they didn’t need, but luck again for next successful stage in the process to publication).

I tabled an article I read in “Writer’s Digest” magazine (May/June 2010 edition), “Romancing the Publishing Industry” Did you know in 2008, in US, romance fiction created an estimated $1.37 BILLION in revenue?!!! Well and truly outselling religion/inspirational, mystery, science fiction/fantasy and literary fiction. The article also covered some technical points regarding the romance genre and listed some publishers currently seeking romance writers. To summarise the article would be to do it injustice, but it’s well worth a read if you can get access to it.

Finally the topic which took us over our normal two hour meeting time; Me. I hogged Zoe and Sami for advice. I’ve reached a point in my writing where I feel I need “validation”, or rather I’ve reached a point where I need to improve and I don’t know how to get over that wall to the next level. Suggestions included QWC’s Year of the Novel, first day of which starts on the same days as the RWA conference, which ruled that out. Another idea was to entering competitions such as RWA’s STALI to get feedback and have a deadline. As I said, it was a long discussion, and a great help which gave me much to think about; thank you ladies. Let’s hope I learn to stop thinking and do. Which hopefully these minutes signal the start of.

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