Sunday, August 22, 2010

Let me talk about turning 40

Okay, I'm heading for a milestone in my life. In a few weeks, I turn 40. Let me tell you that any glee I may portray at turning 40 is purely for show. No, I'm not thrilled. However, aging happens to the best of us, so I try to grin and bear the process.

Many, many, many, many (okay, maybe not so many manys), years ago, my best friend, Rachel, and I actually touched on the subject of getting old. We were 18 at the time, and 40 was a whole 50 lifetimes away as far as we were concerned. Now, I'm talking before computers, before CDs, before DVDs (we still used Beta I think), before XBox Live, before Wii, 25 000 000 years BC as far as my children are concerned. And from what I can remember (my mind isn't quite what it used to be), these are the three things we decided we'd be doing when we turned 40:

1)  still chasing 20 yo boys
2)  still sitting in the pub from open to close, stalking said 20 yo boys
3)  dead
I guess I should note that Rachel and I are doing none of the above, and thankfully, we are still alive. Even at 40.

Writing this has forced me to think of my achievements in the 22 years since that fateful day we convinced ourselves we'd be dead by 40. And, yes, I have lived 50 lifetimes since that day, as has Rachel. I have:

1)  survived
2)  married the man of my dreams
3)  given birth not once, but three times
4)  come to terms with the fact that I am expecting my first grandchild in October
5)  managed to entertain people with the books I have written
6)  laughed out loud until my sides hurt

I guess I've done more than a lot of other people. So...maybe turning 40 isn't quite as bad as I first thought.


Take care



  1. Hey, forty is the new thirty, haven't you heard? A great list of achievements, and I suspect only the tip of the iceberg. Making it this far is definitely worth a drink or two!

  2. thanks sami...A drink or two I will have and I hope you all will, too. We've got some ABBA's, I think Sonny and Cher...What fun!