Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meeting News - 18 August

Well, the meeting was at my house this week and you know what that means. No agenda but plenty of jelly beans. Seriously, which would you prefer?

All we really did was discuss the biggest event of the month the RWA conference, which Zoe, Letitia and I attended with relish, might I say. Vicki Lewis Thompson talked about the difference between writing single title and category fiction, Zoe and Letitia were enthralled with Debra Dixon’s Goal, Motivation and Conflict day long session, and we all spent a lot of time gasbagging with other writers and generally laughing much too loudly (or was that just me?).

We had a debrief of our pitch sessions. Zoe and I are both madly polishing our partials to send a US agent, with fingers crossed (after the typing’s done this is).

We all decided Jake Gyllenhaal was a massive cutie, although no-one’s quite sure if we say his name with a hard or soft ‘G’. Oh, Jake won’t you write and let us know?

Kiss and Melita agreed they have the movie/book/video game taste of fifteen year old boys. Yes, we are all at least or nearly forty years old. Young at heart though. Young at heart.

Letitia, unfortunately, was unable to make it this week, as the dreaded cold caught up with her. Not surprising after the madcap weekend we had. Hope you improve in leaps and bounds L. We missed ya.

Next meeting will be at Kiss’s place on the 15th of September. Melita will be sending us out her first chapter of her latest (first ever) attempt at a straight romance novel for us to look at and critique, and the idea with this blog is that we’ll each be blogging a different day of the week. That means once a week for all of us so watch out.

We’re starting to sound like an actual writer’s group.


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