Monday, September 20, 2010

Minutes from Romantix meeting 15/9/2010

This week, we welcomed new member Sarah to our little group. Sarah told us some interesting stories, which included her alter ego, Rhonda. Hmmm Welcome Sarah, and may we never encounter Rhonda early on a Saturday morning…

We briefly touched on writing subjects…and porn…and Letitia told us a story I will never repeat. However, apparently turning 40 has its good side. I look forward to it. I think.

Also discussed was Sami’s and my inability to write at the moment. Letitia put forward that it happens to every writer, usually between the 3rd and 5th book, and will soon pass. Sami and I aren’t quite so sure but we look forward to the day when writing becomes “good” again.

Sami wanted to know why some writers get worse than better. She has often picked up an author’s first book and loved it, only to be disappointed by the second or subsequent books. Sarah suggested the dreaded deadline scenario where writers had to finish the book quickly. Also noted was the word count issue, where writers had to cut books short due to word count.

Zoe tried to get the meeting back on track by showing us all GMC strategies. Unfortunately, porn crept in again. Sami forwarded that men are more visual creatures who need something to look at, where as women are sensory. In other words, women can read. Men need picture books. All seconded that motion.

Also discussed:

• Swearing in regency romances. Is there really a place for it?
• Violent heroes. Emotional, mental and physical bullies shouldn’t be in romance novels of any kind. Who on earth would want to kiss the man who holds a gun to her head? No one at our meeting, and of course, we speak for all romance writers globally. ;-)

• GMC. And no, I’ve decided I still don’t have goals, motivation or conflict in any of my books. My characters wander around eternally confused.
• 10 good reasons to write romance.

Jimmy Thomas Cover

Jimmy Thomas Cover

And, Jimmy Thomas. I've included a link to his romance cover website so you can all have a look. I'm not a real fan...I find his poses a little pretentious, but I've seen some of the covers he's on and I have to say, they look good.

What did I find especially useful about this meeting? The good belly laughs!

Have a great week.


  1. We didn't talk about porn that much did we?? We'll have to clean it up for next time.

  2. Porn and writing romance go hand in hand don't they? There's only so much our husbands can "suffer" through before we get bored...Ooops did i really say that???