Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One day at a time will get you where you want to go

One day follows another, weeks slide by, then months, seasons change, and then it arrives. That day you when you look back and see where you came from. Way back there...
So, what do you see when you look back? How far have you come? How much have you accomplished since you last checked?
They say you can walk as far as you need to - you just have to line up those telegraph poles and go from one to the other and then the next and another and, if you walk regularly, consistently, unrelentingly, you'll get there.
Sometimes it doesn't feel as if we are getting anywhere so we need one of those days when you look back and see how far you have come.
How far have I come? Let's not count the years along the track, let's count the stories, the books, the publications... For me it's been quite a few short stories - some germinating back there, three complete books... publications? two little gems, one poetry anthology as a fundraiser for the North Pine Bush Poets with three of mine in it and where am I?
Finally, I've found my voice not in contemporary category but in historical. "An old fashioned voice" said one judge - and she was right. I just love historical books - well any books really but Georgette Heyer, Jean Plaidy, Irving Stone - I'm not fussy I just love reading great stories and hopefully someone will one day some reader will list my name there. In the meantime, I'm busy writing, trying not to think about my three chapters there in New York, waiting to be read by an agent who loves them and wants to read more.
Well I can dream can't I? I have to. That's how I know where to aim when I line up those telegraph poles.
So, where are you aiming? and how far have you come? are you getting closer every day. Yes?
Good on you. Don't forget to give yourself a pat on the back before you get going again...
Zoe Y

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  1. The look back is what I like to do at the beginning of a new year instead of making resolutions. I'll keep you posted...