Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pen Envy

What a beauty! I want I want!
As Kiss alluded to in the last post, we had a rather spritely discussion at the last Romantix meeting about pens. Kiss prefers to use black ink (in fact she said she can't write in blue, which is a little extreme. She CAN'T write in blue? Seriously?), while I prefer to write in blue ink (I CAN, however, write in black if I'm so required. I'm not insane). We both like a medium point as we're hard pressers (is that a term?) and would stab holes in the paper with a fine point (is that a sign of simmering latent aggression?) And of course neither of us like to write with felt tip pens because they're far too dark and there's all that blotting to deal with. Felt tip pen users, we don't know how you do it.

The remaining Romantix members remained fairly silent throughout this exchange, no doubt wondering why the hell we were talking about Ye Olde Penmanship in the computer age. I guess crazy is subjective.

So all this talk got me wondering--why don't I write in pen anymore? I used to write my stories out in long hand in my old school excersise books. My maths problems were done in the front while my creative scribbles were begun at the back of the book. Guess what reached the halfway point of the book first? I wasn't the keenest maths student :). Kiss shocked us all at the meeting when she told us she writes all her books out in longhand in spiral notebooks before retyping them onto the computer. It never occurred to me to continue writing in long hand once I got a PC. I'm a much faster typist than I am a hand writer. But then I type a lot of crap that gets deleted too, so I'm wondering if Kiss's method might end up being more efficient. I'm thinking of trying it.

What about you? How do you write the first draft? Do you have a weird fixation on pens? Any rituals that we would all think are bizarre?



  1. OMG!!! I still have school books (uhum...24 years later) where I've written story in the back and school work in the front! Yes, the story always took up most of the book, and my attempts at school work always lost out. It's nice to see I'm not the only crazy one! hehehe I can't believe we've been writing for that long! By the way, the pen post is on my personal blog shameless plug... Kiss

  2. Yes, that's WAY long since we were in high school. You'd think we'd be better at writing by now :).

  3. My husband is addicted to pens but he just collects them - bizarre. Like looking at a bar of chocolate - isnt right somehow.

  4. He doesn't write with them? Well, there are weirder things to collect, Grace.

  5. You say we were 'fairly silent'. Well don't get me started. Unlike you ladies, I love a fine point and the longer I write the smaller my writing until you need a microscope to read it. But I luuurv a fine point - any colour but smooth across the page nothing scratchy and paper? Don't get me started on paper - I dream about paper smooth, unmarked just waiting for me to write on it. See I told you not to get me started...
    Zoe Y