Monday, October 4, 2010

Book Review! Ghost Walk by Heather Graham

Over the weekend, I read a few books. Down time. My mind relaxes when I'm reading, rather than writing. One of the books I read was Ghost Walk, by Heather Graham.

Nikki DuMonde's newest employee is standing at the end of her bed at four o'clock in the morning begging for help. It's a joke, right? Besides, as manager of a successful New Orleans haunted-tour company, Nikki doesn't scare easily. But in the light of day, harsh reality sets in as a police officer informs her that Andy was brutally murdered--at the exact time Nikki swears the distraught woman was in her room.

No one believes her except Brent Blackhawk, a paranormal investigator desperately trying to forget his tragic past. Half Irish, half Lakota--and able to communicate with the dead--Brent is used to living in two worlds. But when he realizes the ghost of a slain government agent is also trying to reach out to Nikki, he knows that she, too, must listen to the dead...if she wants to keep living.

I think I expected a little more from this book than I was given. It was advertised as a paranormal romance. Yes, there's some romance. Yes, there's some paranormal. However, I certainly wouldn't call it a paranormal romance. The main characters were a little different. Nikki did nothing but argue. Brent did nothing but let her argue with him. I just couldn't endear myself to either of them.

The story was good, with the mystery and such. However, it would have been a whole sight better if Nikki didn't continuously argue with her friends, herself, the police, and her new boyfriend.

Also, I found I lost the story in the head hopping. For the first few chapters, I had to keep reading the blurb to remind myself who the main character was because the other characters outshone her by far. The romance started about halfway through the book, and failed to cheer me.

All in all, I give this book 3/5 stars, simply for the story line.

Big smiles, it could be worse!!!



  1. I read one Heather Graham years ago and felt much the same way about it. Have you read other books by her that are better or are we both just missing the point with her?

  2. maybe we're missing the point. I'm about to give her another go with Unhallowed Ground. The stories sound great, and the covers draw you in. Hopefully, I think a little more of this one.