Saturday, October 30, 2010

Craft - Competition

How is your muse behaving? I've been reading, for research, a Rosa Praed book written just a bit later than my WIP is set. She had some great little character sketches which made me think I want to learn to write like that...
So, here it is, write me a character sketch - just a couple of sentences about a character. Doesn't need to be just how he/she looks, though that can be part of it, tell me what they are like as a person, what they do, say... that makes them unique. Something that guides your reader, tells them whether they should love, hate, admire, envy or despise that character.
Let's pick on Sami as an example, just because she did the last blog...

"She waltzed through life on a cloud. Tall and slender with glossy black hair and a style as elegant as her dress, Sami drew the eyes of men and women alike wherever she went. Yet, she had a warmth about her that made you want to know her, be around her, have her as your friend..."

Well I told you I need to learn to do this... Come on, I know you can do one so much better!
Oh, and, there's a prize involved. I found this book about verbal seduction... you know you want it! Now, because there's a prize, there has to be a closing date. Ummm I'll give you a month just because it's Nanowrimo starting Monday and I will be like you, very busy writing - see there you go, submit one you write for your Nanowrimo book... just do it before 30 November.
Good luck
Zoe Y


  1. I am agog at the 'tall and slender' description being used alongside my name. Sides. Hurting. Must. Stop. Laughing.

  2. He walked the streets as no other, the bulges of his muscles were excruitiating through his clothes, the wiggles bouncing as he walked the line, everyone stood with anguish and stared.

  3. What are you talking abou Sami??? You're slender...