Thursday, October 14, 2010

Minutes of Meeting 13 October

Despite weeks of often torrential rain, our hardy Romantix members managed to trek to my place on Tuesday for the monthly meeting. What troopers! Kiss was unable to make it. Hope you’re feeling bright and sunny now that the weather’s improved KC. And Sarah who attended her first meeting last time was conspicuously absent. Did we talk too much about German Porn last month?

As the meeting was at mine, you know what that means: no agenda and no discernable structure. The zany just never stops at my house either. Zoe and I got our coffee and tea cups mixed up, but we each drank half before I thought to ask: "Ah Zoe, is your drink coffee? because this tastes like tea." To which Zoe replied: "I don't know." Clearly, it had already been a long week for both of us

I did manage to make a suggestion as to topics—writing craft books and the ones that have most helped us. I had an ulterior motive for wanting to talk about this. I’m on a mission to go back to basics with my writing and as a first step I read Stephen King’s memoir On Writing, which I had heard several times over was excellent, rave reviews that weren’t misplaced, in my opinion. However I will not hijack the meeting minutes with a book review (might do that another time). I’ve loaned the book to Letitia and I’ll be interested to see if she finds it useful.

Other books discussed were The Writer’s Journey, brought in by Letitia, and Zoe’s Roget’s Thesauraus. Well, where would any of us be without a thesauraus? Using the same words over and over (and over and over), I imagine.

Another issue raised was this blog. Be assured that Melita, Zoe and Letitia all whipped out their telephonic devices (in one unified motion) and put reminders in there about which days to blog, so I expect that will fix the problem of sporadic posting! (Isn’t an iphone reminder like magic or something?) We also discussed topics to blog about, as several members cited difficulty in coming up with subject matter as a reason as to why they don’t post as regularly as they'd like. I hear this, I agree. It can be hard to come up with things to talk about. I suggested more book reviews would be interesting, and I’ve decided to do a little thing on Thursdays tentatively called Craft Corner (lord help me come up with a better title than that). Stay tuned for that next week.

Other issues discussed: Melita's having trouble writing her kissing scene. Letitia agrees that's a troublesome thing, she always feels like someone might come and look over her shoulder and see what she's doing. I told her that was her Catholic guilt whispering in her ear. My dog smells. He's old and not matter how well I bath him, he simply stinks. Apparently this can be common among pets. Speaking of among--among or amongst; which is correct? A topic for Craft Corner perhaps? Melita has also had some book reviews published in our local libraries paranormal focussed newsletter. Yay Melita! A publishing credit!

The meeting was interrupted several times by my Cherub, who decided as people were over it was no time to be snoozing her life away. She did eventually succumb to the temptation of sleep around 8:30pm, much to the group’s relief I’m sure. Next meeting is on the 9th of November at Melita’s.


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