Friday, November 19, 2010

I Don't Nano

Not exactly. I did it once about three years ago and never finished either of the manuscripts I started (yes there were two), so I labelled it an unmitigated disaster and decided I wouldn't go a round two with National Novel Writing Month.

But I must confess this November I have been sort of doing my own version of this mad rush to set words down at all costs. I didn't mean to do it in November as such, but that's just when I happened to be ready have a serious go at trying to start/complete something again. At the moment I'm writing an m/f/m, m/m/f menage themed erotic romance tentatively entitled Erica's Choice.

I explain all this because this is my reason for not having compiled a craft post this week. It is also my reason for not posting this blog on Thursday, which is my regular Romantix time slot. I'm busy writing, what do you know. Hasn't happened in two years so I'm seizing this opportunity with both hands.

I will see you next week. With something, not sure what yet. A craft post, I hope.


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