Saturday, November 20, 2010

NaNo? Did someone say NaNo?

Yes, well my first encounter with NaNo was in 2005 when I wrote my little heart out for thirty consecutive days and won! I have the certificate filled out with "Cowboy Heatwave" right there as the name of my novel - my First Finished Novel. I thought I was so great... well it lasted a little while. I still love those characters but I don't think anyone else will ever read it - not one ounce of conflict whatsoever. But, NaNo 2005 did the job I wanted it to do - it got me to finish my first ever novel and for that I will be forever grateful.

This year things have not gone smooth. Just yesterday I was heading for disaster, struggling to leave behind 15,000 and not getting very far at all. What a lunch with a fellow writer can do for a story! Yes, as I went back to work after lunch - oh so grudgingly, my story was beginning to ferment and today I fell over the line at 20,000. That must be a record for me. And somebody told me I was cruel to Rosaleen, the great bad character (read bitch) from Torn, well this is her book and it's called Shattered. Exactly what happens to Rosaleen.

There's something so very satifying about bringing a bitch down to size. So, as a reward for a good day's work, I retire with Beverley Eikli's "Lady Farquhar's Butterfly". No, it's not research, not a requirement, purely for pleasure and this time I'll get to finish it - in between rehabilitating Rosaleen from her near death experience tomorrow and until I write The End for another book.

One might think that after having written most of the day I would not want to see another book - but one would be wrong and not understand writers. Good night people. Oh and don't forget my November competition - write me a short character sketch for the chance to win a book on Verbal Seduction! You know you want it... Zoe Y

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