Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday, the day of rest and...

Hey! The new page looks great! Thanks Sami for the overhaul. Now can you do my blog and my webpage??? I can already hear the resounding Noooooo!!!

Today is Sunday, generally the one day of the week it's okay to sit around and do nothing. Ahhhh, if only I could sit and do nothing. Today I:

1. Did our monthly grocery shop. I took my eldest daughter and the baby with me. Slowed me down by 45 minutes. Still, it was great to have some company.
2. Did a little bit of Christmas shopping. Took the gorgeous hubby with me. He's not into teenage clothes...or bras..."Aren't you holding that dress up backwards?" Ah, no. Those words could only come from a conservative father of two daughters.
3. Tended to the vegie patch. Pulled weeds and any dead or dying seedlings that didn't look like taking. Quick or dead is the motto at our house. Wired the beans. Trimmed the herbs that are growing wild in the humidity, and looked at the passionfruit plants growing wild up the neighbour's tree. Just looked. I still don't know what to do about that one. Cut back the lavender...and we have lots of lavender.
4. Did 6 loads of washing. There's still at least 4 waiting. I've done 3 loads a day since the granddaughter arrived.
5.Checked out hubby's handy work with the pool. The pool is still green, thanks to the rain and the humidity, but it's looking better by the hour. Now to kill the rest of the algae.
6. This isn't done, yet but I plan to write about 2000 words of my new WIP tonight.

So, my day of rest turned out like every other day. What now? Gee, it's nearly dinner time.


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  1. The concept of the day of rest has pretty much flown out the window there hasn't it? I've been there today myself.