Thursday, January 27, 2011

Craft: Spelling

Was writing a letter to someone the other day (yes an olde style letter--it still happens occasionally), and I had to stop and ask my hubby how to spell surprise. I'd spelled it suprise and it looked kind of funny. Well it should have because there is definitely two 'r's in surprise. I had to look it up.

I had to wonder if this was a product of my dependence on my word program's spell checker, or if this was simply a word I got stuck on often. When I think about it, the latter is true. Professional writer or not, there are simply words that I always spell wrong, or have to think about how to spell no matter how many times I write or type them. Moreover there are some spellings which confound me. For instance, why is swimming spelled with a double 'm' but there's only one 'm' in coming? My hubby often misspells the word forward as foreward. Accidentally is another one I stuff up often, by spelling it accidently.

I found a list of commonly misspelled words here. Calendar is on the list, one I often find spelling calander before I realise how wrong that looks and change it. License is another. As the website quotes: "Where does English get the license to use both its letters for the sound [s] in one word?"

It's a funny language we work with, English. Don't even get me started on how mind-scrambling it can be to have books published with an American publisher and have to change all those 's's to 'z's and drop all my lovely 'u's. I was taught to spell colour not color, but that's a whole other bone of contention.

So what about you? Any words you always spell incorectly incorrectly?



  1. I spell calender wrong...every time...jewellery is another. Like you, I write for a US publisher and thier jewellery is jewelry. Thier is another. I always spell it their (or is it the other way around? i after e except after c) hehehe Yes, I have to change s to z and drop the u. In my current WIP I've used cm and metre and millimetre instead of inch, foot and yard. Pyjama is another word I have to think about pajama. It often ends up as pjs. Great post Sami! K

  2. OMG!! I just realised I spelt their wrong!

  3. and i dare call myself a writer **sigh**