Sunday, January 9, 2011

New year. New goals. Old writer's block

Well, good-bye to 2010 (thank goodness), and a great big greetings and salutations to 2011! This year, I plan to write two novellas and a full length book. Plan. Think. Frown. Give up.

It seems the writer's block that stalked me through the last few months of 2010 has followed me into 2011. What to do?
At the last Romantix meeting, we discussed a few ways to defeat writer's block. Me? I said that "technically" I couldn't be called a writer anymore. However, I have decided to sit and wait for my muse to reappear from her little cave in my soul, to wait until the characters in my two unfinished manuscripts decide to behave themselves, to wait until my brain can function again.

How long must I wait? How long is a piece of string?


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