Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tuesday Night's Meeting

It’s hard to believe we are into the second month of this 2010. It seems so long since our last meeting but there we were out on my deck with mood lighting even (permanent rope and fairy lights in blue and white). I love my new deck with the new lights on. But I digress – there was a lot of that this meeting… so much had happened since we last met. I sometimes think that as writers we make a good social group. I’m sure it’s something to do with the fact that our meetings are four weeks apart and only two hours long and it takes us that long to catch up socially if we haven’t spoken much since last meeting. BTW: Celebrations – this is the first meeting since our latest members joined where we all made it to the meeting. Good to see everyone in the same place at the same time. We miss you when you can’t come for whatever reason.

To get back to the meeting… life seems to have gotten in the way to a fairly large degree for most of us. I guess that’s typical for the time of year but, despite all the distractions, I was pleased to hear that we almost all got a good chunk of writing done. Kiss Carson’s writing again (sigh of relief) I thought I was going to have to administer writerly CPR there. As one of only two published writers in our group we can’t afford to lose her to the black hole.

Congratulations to Sarah who, by now should be almost finished the screenplay which has to be handed in Monday… Sly horse – here were we thinking she was writing her Regency series and she’s neck deep in World War II writing a fascinating English/German story about music composers, performers, spies and Nazi’s. Good luck Sarah. Hope it knocks their socks off.

Promises, promises of critiques for my Little Gem 2011 Garnet entry. Yes, life got in the way again, I know (thanks to Kiss Carson for her helpful comments) and I had to go without any further comments. Never mind. I know they all wish me well anyway.

Much excitement in the camp when a rumour about who might present at the RWA conference this year was spread as news… Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that many of us will be able to get there this year. Hopefully things will improve though – or we’ll win Lotto and go in style! If not, then we might just have to do the Clayton’s Conference at home. If we made a weekend of it we could have fun anyway. Now that’s a thought…

Getting back to the meeting, it seems that it was too long ago for some to remember my blog on Character Sketches. What is a Character Sketch they asked? Well, I probably didn’t describe it well because there was still confusion when we finished. I’ll try again… Like a sketch in art, it is not a portrait in such detail as say an oil painting, but a line drawing in which the subject is recognisable. It describes the things which make that person unique. It can include some physical description, stories, brief accounts of events, that person’s reactions to events, quotations, any of those things which reveal the character of the person. I was struck by some (I think) fantastic examples in “Australian Life, Black and White” Rosa Praed (free pdf download at see those scattered through pages approx page 50 to 60. I was reading it as research for my Irish Australian historical.

Writing character sketches is a real art and one which I would love to develop better. Aside from one who couldn’t drag her mind away from a mental image of “battered eyelids” which came up in conversation earlier (please don’t ask) we came up with four credible character sketches despite my lack of a good description of what we were doing. We even guessed who three of them were describing. Well done Melita and Sarah who won copies of “Shakespeare and the Art of Seduction”.

We spent a little time organising our social life and the social event of our annual calendar – postponed more than once from last year and now reorganised for later this month which might be even more suitable for a romance writers group, close to Valentine’s Day.

The talk flowed on and the books emerged long after Kiss Carson and Sami Lee had to leave, but unfortunately time doesn’t permit me to report it all so just I’ll say that a good time was had by all. Looking forward to the next meeting in four weeks time at Kiss Carson’s pad.


  1. A great blog post and congratulations to your writers' group for starting this. I do have to fight a dose of envy though. I did enjoy meeting with you when I did... Goodness, can't remmebr but must be 3-4 years ago now? Good to see you are still writing and meeting together. I go to the monthly meetings here in Tassie of Society Women Writers Tasmania but only one other writer interested in writing romance. So, now controlling that "dose" of envy this report here has given me! All the very best to all of you for 2011. I have a blog now too - link from my website - and also a contributor to International Christian Fiction Writers blog.

  2. Thanks very much Mary. Glad you liked it. Yes, we're still here, still writing, and have more members now too. I've been following your writing career too. You are welcome to visit any time, lovely to see you here.