Thursday, March 3, 2011

Meeting Minutes Tuesday March 1

This month, the meeting was at my house. After a hot autumn day, I had the aircon and ice water on the ready. We had apologies from Letitia who'd come down with that horrid summer flu going around. Apparently, just about everyone at the meeting had experienced the illness directly, or indirectly...except me. Lots of incense and disinfectant spray after you all left girls. LOL Just kidding.

A huge welcome to our new member, Ainzley (not Lindzey. Sorry Ainzley, I'm really bad with names but even worse with faces). Ainzley writes fan fiction for "ai no kusabi". Please forgive me, Ainzley, if I haven't explained it correctly. Maybe Ainzley could do a blog for us explaining just what she writes! YAY!!!

There was no agenda for this meeting, just a mad round of emails a few days before asking what we should talk about. We decided to base the meeting on characters, their names and how they formed in our minds. Well, here's to say that without an agenda, six writers quickly swerve way off track.

Before Melita and Sarah arrived, Zoe, Sami, Ainzley and I talked briefly of conflict, and how we all pretty much avoid conflict in real life so find it a little difficult to write conflict scenes in our books. I actually sounded as though I knew what I was talking about when I said I based my conflict on the culture differences of the hero and heroine. Zoe so kindly pointed out that now I only have to find my goal and motivation. LOL I'll get you!

With everyone present, the conversation turned to movies. Actually, there were several conversations going on at once. Lots of noise and laughing. To celebrate the Oscars, we talked about actors. Sarah gave an excellent rendition of a scene from Vampires Suck. We talked horror, thriller, comedy, romance...and body farms. Sarah entertained us all with a story about her visit t a body farm. Hmmm That girl gets around.

Sami couldn't quite decide what movies she liked, so I asked her if she liked lovey dovey movies like The ......... (name of movie removed to protect the movie lol). Well! Sami looked at me as though I'd asked her to suck alien acid blood through a glass straw. This issue, I think, is still unresolved.

We spoke the word "character" a few times but nothing ever came of it.

If nothing else, we found out what kind of movies we all liked.

Then, Sarah dropped a bombshell. She has been accepted into a prestigious acting school in England. HUGE CONGRATS, SARAH!! Hoorah hoorah! So, she will be leaving us all in June.

Sami is travelling to the US to join in the fun of the RT Conference next month. Half your luck!

Next meeting is at Melita's house.

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  1. I had to come home and check out my movie collection to work out the style of movie I like. I was so tired I drew a complete blank on Tuesday, but I knew enough to know I hate The...... (can we really not say it?).

    You can look at my DVDs next time you're over. It's a very ecclectic assortment indeed.