Thursday, May 5, 2011

Romantix Meeting May 2nd

I surprised everyone this time by sending out an agenda for the meeting. Ok so I sent it out the afternoon of the meeting and it was very wishy washy, basically a general outline of stuff we could talk about if we felt like it. No hand outs. No exercises. But it was an agenda, a plan of sorts. This is progress for me.

Me in LA
I spoke briefly about my time in LA attending the Romantic Times Convention. I didn’t do a lot of actual note taking at the event, or even a lot of attending the workshops I thought I would. I had a plan but when I got there I just went with the flow. Well, that is how I do things. I had a great time, anyone who’s interested in my highlights of the week can visit my blogpost here. I bought some freebie books, Sarah was particularly excited by the Sabrina Jefferies I snagged for the first historical fan to grab it.

We then went on to discuss, at my behest, the process we each use to start new stories. More specifically, how do we decide which of the many story ideas that pass through our minds to focus on? Sarah brought out a slightly OCD indicative collection of colour coded folders, each containing an embryo of an idea. She focusses on whichever characters speak to her the loudest. We’re going to see about getting her some medication.

Not really.

As writers we all know what she’s talking about. We do hear the voices, I am just as nutty in that regard. While Sarah’s voices tend to whisper about murder and mahem (actually perhaps the medication is not a bad idea after all), mine are trying to tell me why they are afraid to trust, or why they can’t fall in love with that particular person, even though they’re perfect together. Letitia’s I suspect are very bloodthirsty and full of angst just waiting to be worked through, Melita’s have momentarily gone steampunk mad, Zoe’s want her to paint beautiful pictures of their historical roots and Kiss’s are currently refusing to speak to her. Or if they are they don’t seem to be asking her to write their stories, but they will. I’m sure you’ll be ready for them when they start being nice to you again, KC. We’re all wishing you the best.

Sarah will be leaving us soon for the lure of fame and fortune in London. We’re going to take her out in glitzy Brisvegas before she flies out, because she knows deep down nothing can compare with that kind of glamour. She’ll miss us, really.

Next meeting is at Letitias on June 1st.


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