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Welcome Historical Author, Grace Elliot!

Grace Elliot leads a double life as a veterinarian by day and author of historical romance by night. Grace lives nearLondon and is addicted to cats, acting as housekeeping staff to five mischievous moggies.

Grace believes intelligent people need romantic fiction in their lives as an antidote to the modern world and as an avid reader of historicals she turned to writing as a release from the emotionally draining side of veterinary work. Her second novel ‘Eulogy’s Secret’ is a story of greed, blackmail and a stolen identity.
Thank you for visiting the Romantix blog, Grace. Tell everyone a bit about your newest release, Eulogy's Secret.

Anyone who has visited my blog will know that I’m fond of historical trivia. So when Kiss kindly agreed to host me and mentioned that she enjoyed my posts on topics such as “Fat or Fiction - how heavy was Henry VIII”, I thought it would be fun to include a little such trivia here!
My second novel, “Eulogy’s Secret”, is set in Regency England. When our heroine, Eulogy Foster, falls on hard times she must find a way to earn a living - and becomes an artist’s model. In this excerpt, our hero the art dealer Jack Huntley, gazes at her portrait.
He [Huntley], or rather Chaucer, had come across the picture by chance. A few weeks earlier, to his amazement, rumors circulated in artistic circles that Tristan Farrell was painting again. Out of idle curiosity Huntley had dispatched his man to Red Lyon Square to investigate, only to have Chaucer return bright eyed and burbling on about a stunning portrait of a brown-eyed woman. It amused Huntley to instruct Chaucer to buy the painting, for an anonymous client of course, as an investment in the resurgence of a once great talent. But the moment Huntley saw the piece he knew he could not bear to part with it.

So here he stood, like a priest before an altar. Goosebumps raised on his arms as he gazed at the pale-skinned beauty with softly parted lips and enormous brown eyes, warm and alluring, staring out of the canvas as if taken by surprise. The swirling background of chocolate browns served to heighten the woman’s natural beauty. The piece was unfinished and yet utter perfection. Only an artist of great foresight would stop when he had, capturing the moment when a great artist discovers his muse. Huntley’s instincts had been correct. The model was Eulogy Foster, and the painting as divine as the woman it depicted.

So in line with our theme of historical trivia and with a tenuous link to artists, I thought to recall the story of the famous painter Whistler.

American born artist, James Abbott Whistler (1834 - 1903) famed for paintings such as ‘Arrangement in Grey and Black, the Artist’s Mother’ (and yes, that picture in the first Mr. Bean movie!) was an animal lover. Whistler owned a tortoiseshell cat, but his favourite pet was his French poodle. One day the poodle was taken ill and in a panic Mr. Whistler sought the help, not of a veterinarian, but an eminent ENT surgeon.

Arriving at Whistler’s address, the distinguished doctor was horrified to find the patient was not human, but canine. Begrudgingly he examined the animal and prescribed a course of treatment.

But the next day the doctor sent Whistler an urgent summons. Thinking it was news concerning his favourite dog’s condition the artist dropped everything and hurried over. The doctor greeted Whistler warmly with the words;

“Ah good morning Mr. Whistler, so good of you to call so promptly. I needed to see you urgently about repainting my front door.”
Don’t you just love the understatement?

Grace x

Eulogy’s Secret - a story of greed, prejudice and a stolen identity.

Eulogy's Secret
In the four weeks since her guardian’s death, Eulogy Foster has lost everything. She travels to London seeking the help of Lord Lucien Devlin, the estranged brother who doesn’t know she exists. But Lord Devlin turns her out onto the streets, where Eulogy is robbed and thrown onto the mercy of a passing stranger.

Jack Huntley - bitter, cynical and betrayed in love -believes women are devious, scheming creatures and not to be trusted. So when one night he saves a naive young woman from rape, little does he suspect how much life is about to change. Despite his growing attraction to Miss Foster, Jack has a problem: Eulogy Foster has a secret involving his bitterest enemy, Lord Devlin.

As Eulogy learns the haunting story of her mother’s past, she knows she will only marry for true love. Deeply drawn to Jack Huntley, she needs him to confess his love before she shares the secret of her birth. Caught in a deadlock, with neither able to confess their true feelings, events take a sinister turn as it becomes clear someone wants Eulogy Foster dead.

Grace Elliot (blog) a blend of historical trivia, romance and cats!

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